I believe we are living just now in a special moment in time, at one of those darkening moments when all around us is change and we cannot yet see which way to go. Our old ways of explaining ourselves to ourselves are not large enough to accommodate a world made paradoxically small by our technologies, yet larger than we can grasp. We cannot go back to simpler times and simpler tales - tales made by clans and tribes and nations when the world was large enough for each to pursue its separate evolution. There are no island continents in the world of electronic technologies, no places left to hide or withdraw from the communities of women or men. We cannot make the world accept one tale - and tat one our own - by chanting it louder than the rest or silencing those who are singing a different song. We must take to heart the sage remark of Niels Bohr, one of our century’s greatest scientist. He said, “The opposite of a correct statement is an incorrect statement. The opposite of a profound truth is another profound truth.” … We can only make the human tale larger by making ourselves little smaller - by seeing that the vision each of us is granted is but a tiny fragment of a much greater Truth not given to mortals to know.


  1. Building a Bridge to the 18th Century